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Frequently Asked Questions

What is karaoke?

Karaoke is an ancient Japanese tradition dating back to the 1960s. A portmanteau of "empty" and "orchestra" in Japanese, karaoke is a form of interactive entertainment in which amateur singers sing along with recorded music without the lead vocal track. Lyrics are usually displayed on a video screen, along with a moving symbol, changing color, or music video images, to guide the singer.

What is Second City Karaoke?

Second City Karaoke is a social, team-based karaoke league. This means that teams will be competing against each other to battle for the title of "City-Wide Karaoke Champions."

How do I join Second City Karaoke?

Join our mailing list at SecondCityKaraoke.com to learn about upcoming registration opportunities. You can register at SecondCityKaraoke.com/registration during specified registration periods.

Who is eligible to join Second City Karaoke?

Anyone 21 years of age and over. No actual talent required.

How much does it cost to join Second City Karaoke?

The registration fee for Second City Karaoke is $55.00 per person.

What happens at Second City Karaoke?

Each evening of Second City Karaoke consists of three (3) rounds. In the first and second rounds, a member of each team sings a solo. In the third round, at least two (2) performers must sing as a "group." At the beginning of the evening, Team Managers submit a list of the performers and their song selections to District Karaoke representatives. To learn more, read the complete rules at SecondCityKaraoke.com/rules.

How long is a season?

A season lasts ten (10) weeks, with the last two (2) weeks reserved for the Semifinals and Finals. There may be special parties and events held before or after the season.

Can I register by myself? Can I register with friends?

We know not everyone has friends who enjoy karaoke as much as you do. That's OK! If you have friends who want to join with you, start a team. You and your friends will be kept together. But you can also register as a "free agent" and be placed on an awesome team!

How do I start a team?

When registration is open, you will be able to register at SecondCityKaraoke.com/registration.

Can I name my own team?

Of course! However, keep in mind that team names are supposed to be fun, witty and full of innuendo. Team names may not contain reference or implication to political agenda, issue, candidates, elected officials, religion, or overt alcohol, drug, or sexual reference. Teams in the same metropolitan region may not have the exact same name unless otherwise approved by league representatives.

I am interested in advertising with Second City Karaoke. Who do I speak to?

Email singit@secondcitykaraoke.com with your name and organization and a representative will be in touch to discuss the opportunities we have available.

How do I contact the organizers of Second City Karaoke?

Email us here singit@secondcitykaraoke.com or use the contact page on our website.

What benefits do I get for joining Second City Karaoke?

Second City Karaoke performers receive an official t-shirt, as well as enjoy alcohol specials, exclusive parties, theme nights, contests, prizes and special events throughout the season.

What is the minimum/maximum number of people on a team?

There is a minimum of four (4) people per team, with at least 2 male performers and 2 female performers. The maximum number of players is eight (8) performers. If your team has less than eight (8) performers, additional "free agents" may be added to your team.

What is Second City Karaoke's billing policy?

All registration fees are collected at the time of registration.

What is Second City Karaoke's refund policy?

Second City Karaoke will not refund registration fees for any reason. However, registration may be deferred to a future season for extenuating circumstances.

Who do I contact with a question/concern about billing?

Email us here singit@secondcitykaraoke.com with your name, phone number and a clear description of the problem and someone will be in touch to address your question or concern.

How do I subscribe/unsubscribe from Second City Karaoke's email list?

As sad as it is to see you go, you can unsubscribe yourself by clicking on the "unsubscribe" link found in every email we send.

I want to start a karaoke league in my city. How can I start a karaoke league near me?

That's awesome! Email christopher@untiedkaraoke.com and tell us a little bit about yourself and where you live. We will be in touch with you to discuss how you can establish a karaoke league in your area.

What is Second City Karaoke's drinking policy?

Please drink responsibly. Nobody wants to hear another slurred Billy Joel song.

If the information above doesn't help, just shot us an email and we'll answer your questions as best we can. Thanks!

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  • We are just into performance and we love to win... and now we have an outlet in to express ourselves.

    The More We Drink, the Better You Sound

  • I should tell you our unofficial motto: Anyone can kick a ball, but only ballers can belt a ballad.

    The Commissioner

  • We compete. It's not really about the winning; it's about having fun. But the competition is the fun.

    Naughty by Nurture

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